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New Job. New Code. New Challenge.

Early in 2014, I started to work as developer at UNICEPTA – The Information People. It turned out as a win/win situation for me and the company.

The company operates in a field that depends heavily on data and software, which provides a great potential for technological advances in various areas. The huge need for complex software systems attracted my passion. The company structures, the working conditions and the people at UNICEPTA made up an excellent base.

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I am happy to hit the next milestone in development of the Zerk game engine. With version 0.2.0 Zerk is based on an Entity-Component-System architecture.


In the first run I created a game engine prototype with the basic features to run a jump and run game. Now I have shaped this prototype into an Entity-Component-System (ECS) architecture.
I wont talk about ECS architectures in general in this post. There are plenty of good explanations in the web (see links at the end of the post). I will talk about the implementation details in case of the Zerk game engine. Before i go into detail lets look at the reasons that made up my decision to use an ECS architecture:

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A taste of livecoding in your Eclipse IDE.

When I saw Bret Victors impressive talk Inventing on Principle I started to research the livecoding topic. One of the things I came up with is the Vortex JavaScript Editor. Its a Eclipse editor plugin that holds a WebSocket connection to your browser and evalutates changed code on key press. This shortens the feedback loop and can speed up some JavaScript tasks.

The editor plugin is build ontop of the JavaScript editor from the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. The WebSocket server is featured by Jetty.

Vortex Architecture
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Zerk, a 2D game engine prototype written in JavaScript.


I wanted to develop a fun project that my wife could be involved in so I decided to create a game that she could draw the graphics for and that I could code. Toward the end of 2012 I started coding the Zerk game engine in JacaScript. My goal for the project was to create a 2D game engine that could run a decent jump and run game on desktop and mobile devices.

While researching the project I discovered Box2DWeb, a JavaScript port of the Box2D physics engine. It has been very helpful with turning the nasty physics coding into a Box2D discovery process and gave me additional options. Thanks a lot to Erin Catto for writing and sharing Box2D! I also don’t want to forget the many other contributors that helped improving Box2D and ported it into so many languages. Read more »

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Public Mode.

I have been developing software for over ten years. In that time I created many things that could be shared but I never really did. I was strongly focused on improving my skills and did not wanted to put any effort into other things.

Today this changes. From now working on a non commercial project for me includes sharing and reporting over it. I created this personal blog and registered on several social sites as platform for my publications.

In the next steps I will upload a selection of my existing projects.